Building on the success of the Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign, University Advancement launched its Five-Year Strategic Plan Roadmap in 2018. The Roadmap is a strategic plan and process that is empowering Advancement to elevate NC State to unsurpassed levels of impact and success, and deliver tremendous benefits to colleges, units, students, faculty, staff and citizens across North Carolina  

Strategic Planning Themes

Achieving our potential
Achieving our potential as an Advancement organization means fueling NC State to achieve its unmatched potential. By getting the “right people in the right seats on the bus,” and leveraging technology and data, our stakeholders will experience Purposeful Engagement with NC State, leading to the optimization of the constituent‐centered experience and enhanced impact on the university.

The Think and Do Advantage
To take full advantage of NC State’s brand platform “Think and Do” by leveraging partnerships with key internal university stakeholders and important external leaders in corporations, foundations, and government, media and key influencers. By using Digital‐first Innovation, we can enhance reputation, Passion and Impact within and among our varied constituents, leading to outcomes such as improved rankings, more student applications and more‐qualified students, recruitment and retention of top faculty, increased interest from partners, and enhanced fundraising.

One Pack
Transition NC State Advancement to a “one university” model and approach, with an emphasis on aligning resources for maximum ROI for the university, its colleges and units. With Streamlined Business Practices, Outcome‐Driven Accountability and Organizational Unification, NC State will be well positioned to offer our stakeholders enhanced opportunities for Compelling Commitments of their time, talent and treasure for the benefit of the university, wherever their passions may reside, to enable NC State to achieve its aggressive strategic goals.

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