Our Mission, Vision, and Values


Advancement Services delivers timely, accurate and effective resources to enhance fundraising and engagement activities at NC State University. We achieve this through accurate business intelligence and reporting, compelling donor research and analysis, innovative technology services, quality donor and alumni information, and superior customer service, while applying ethical gift and data management practices.


Elevate philanthropy and engagement at NC State University by providing innovative, impactful, best-in-class resources and solutions for our colleagues, alumni and donors.


  • Inclusion – We honor the expertise and celebrate the accomplishments of our colleagues and value our diversity while working together inclusively toward the common goal of advancing NC State.
  • Integrity – We adhere to the highest ethical standards in gift acceptance and data management, and we respect privacy and confidentiality, using CASE’s Donor Bill of Rights as our lodestar.
  • Excellence – We take pride in our work, with a commitment to providing the highest quality, dependable information, resources and customer service.
  • Innovation – We challenge ourselves to be forward-thinking risk-takers, open to change and creative ideas beyond the familiar and established practices, to provide best-in-class, inventive solutions.
  • Partnership – We welcome partnership and collaboration among our colleagues, creating an environment of respect, trust, teamwork and honesty to solve problems together.