Gifts, Grants and Contracts

This page is a collaborative resource between the offices of Finance and Administration, Research and Innovation, and University Advancement. 

In July 2011 Finance and Administration, Research, Innovation & Economic Development (now Research and Innovation) and University Advancement released a joint 3D Memo to provide definitions for Gift, Grants and Contracts at NC State to assist in the proper recording of these funds. The 3D Memo was revised in October 2017 and stands today as the policy providing definitions to distinguish these funds.  

In 2021, a collaborative effort between the three sponsoring offices sought to provide a supplemental resource to the 3D Memo to provide guidance in identifying if funds were a gift, grant, or contract. The outcome is the Distinction between Gifts, Grants (Sponsored Projects) and Contracts chart. This chart aims to be a guide in determining what type of funds a transaction is, who should review the transaction, and where the funds should be directed (affiliated foundation or university.) This chart should be used as a supplement to the 3D Memo.

It is highly encouraged to partner with the appropriate reviewer early in the negotiation process to ensure appropriate language, signatures and deposit agency is included.  For assistance in determining the type of funds, see contacts below.  


3D MemoDistinction Chart

Reviewers and Contacts for Questions: 

Advancement Services 
Sarah Thomas, Director of Donor Services

Corporate and Foundation Relations – University Development 
Samara Hannah, Executive Director

Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance Services (SPARCS)
Sherrie Settle, Associate Vice Chancellor

Foundations Accounting and Investments
Michelle Phillips, Business Systems and Compliance Specialist

Additional Resources: